How Do Solar Panel Batteries Work?

Posted by Colin Gload on Apr 17, 2019 1:55:35 PM

Did you know that with your solar panel installation you can have not only active energy but extra stored energy? And this extra energy - that’s stored in a battery - can help you save even more money on your energy bill than solar panels alone. If it sounds too good to be true - it isn’t!

Solar panel battery

At Lumina Solar, we’re the first Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer in Maryland, meaning that your solar panel installation can be paired with absolute, top-of-the-line storage solutions. Take a look at what solar batteries are and how they can help you save even more money (and, of course, make a positive impact on the environment).

What Is a Solar Battery?

If you’re researching solar energy, you’re most likely already familiar with the general mechanics of how a solar panel installation works. But, for the sake of thoroughness, we’ll break it down quickly.

The panels installed on your roof (or in your yard) convert solar energy into usable electricity and powers your home. Throughout the process - especially in the summer or if you live in a relatively shade-free area - there’s a chance that your panels may convert more energy than you need. In those cases, your panels will send energy back to the energy grid and you’ll receive a credit on your next electric bill. These credits can be used later - more specifically, during peak hours or months when you don’t generate enough solar energy. In months where you don’t generate enough energy and you don’t have any credit, though, you’ll end up owing money to your local energy supplier.

Solar batteries, however, present another option. When you have a solar battery installed along with your panel system (known as solar-plus-storage), you add another advantage to your solar energy plan. Not only will your home or business be producing the energy you need, but you’ll also be able to store the excess for future use.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

With solar batteries, your home solar panel installation will also be paired with a battery storage system. These work by collecting the DC energy that your panels create, converting it to AC energy, and storing it for future use.

With a battery, as your panels are creating energy they’re also filling up the battery. When the grid is down, you’re able to manually switch your system to self-use mode and use your battery as your power supply rather than drawing energy from the grid. Additionally, if you’re still creating more energy than you need after powering your home and charging the battery, you’ll still send energy back to the grid for credit.

Still not sold on solar batteries? Since you’re storing your excess energy on-site, you’ll also be able to have short-term power backups in the event of an outage. It’s a win-win-win situation!

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