How Long Will A Tesla Powerwall Keep My Electricity On?

Posted by Colin Gload on Jul 31, 2019 8:58:31 AM

Keeping your electricity on through bad weather conditions or unfortunate mishaps is a concern for most homeowners. Fortunately, it can be remedied by purchasing a generator.

Tesla Powerwall keeping electricty on

Generators come in various sizes - some can be hardwired to your home to provide power to integral components while others require a manual set-up to power just a few appliances. Now that solar panels are quickly becoming commonplace, many prospective customers wonder if they’ll do the trick and keep their homes powered, even during an outage. After all, if their home is powered by the sun, then why wouldn’t that be a viable solution?

As with many things, the answer isn’t as black and white as most consumers would like. On one hand, it is possible to power your home during an outage using solar energy but it isn’t an automatic, self-sustaining process. More equipment - either an energy converter or a battery backup - needs to be brought into the equation.

Why Wouldn’t Solar Panels Alone Work?

Solar panels in and of themselves won’t keep your home up and running when the grid goes down. That’s because even with solar panels your home is still connected to the grid so that it can send power back and draw from it.

If your home wasn’t connected to the grid, your electricity would stop working during times when you weren’t producing as much energy as you’re using (i.e.: anytime the sun goes down). Due to safety regulations, when the utility goes down, all connections - including homes with solar panels - are automatically terminated. This is to protect the safety of anyone working on the lines to ensure they aren’t harmed as solar panels continue sending electricity through the grid.

Alternative Power Solutions

Properties with solar panels do have the option of using generators when the power goes out, but they also have other options, such as battery backups. The Tesla Powerwall is one such option and it’s even more powerful than many of the traditional battery backups available. How?

For starters, in its recommended configuration, the Tesla Powerwall can keep your home powered for seven days (or more!) without you having to do a thing. With a traditional generator, you would, at the very least, have to run out quite a few times to purchase more fuel and it’s unlikely that your entire property would be powered.

In addition, the Tesla Powerwall provides you with a sense of security in that there’s nothing you need to do to get it up and running. Once the Powerwall has been installed, everything else is automatic. The battery automatically charges itself as your home produces energy, and automatically turns itself off when necessary. Even if you’re 100% on top of things and manually turn on your generator the moment your electricity goes out, there will still be a couple of minutes downtime while things kick back on. The Powerwall turns on instantly and keeps electricity flowing so efficiently that you may not even realize that there’s a power outage!

Are you ready to learn more about the Tesla Powerwall? Download this Tesla Powerwall whitepaper today and get in touch.

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