The Tesla Powerwall Offers So Much More Than Just Backup Power

Posted by Colin Gload on Dec 30, 2019 4:52:44 PM

When it comes to ensuring that your home has a steady supply of electricity, the Tesla Powerwall is without a doubt the way to go when compared to traditional generators. When used in conjunction with a solar panel array, the Powerwall offers unparalleled energy security.

Tesla Powerwall

(Although you don’t need to combine your Powerwall with solar panels, there are many reasons why you might want to consider installing both).

As great as it is for back-up power, it boasts several other amazing features as well that are equally important to talk about. These features give Tesla Powerwall owners control over their energy usage in a way that has never been possible for homeowners up until now.

In this post, you’ll learn some of the things it can do for you and your household.

Time-Based Control

The large majority of utility providers operate on what is called a time-of-use plan. If this is your scenario, you are being charged differing amounts for your electricity depending on the time of day.And like you’ve probably already seen for yourself, those rates spike during peak times when you are most likely to be using large amounts of electricity.

The Tesla Powerwall allows homeowners to counteract these rate spikes with its time-based control feature. Time-based control is also sometimes referred to as load shifting because it “shifts” where power is being drawn from during the times when utility rates are likely to be higher.

During those peak times when utility rates are increased, the Tesla Powerwall supplements your grid drawn energy with the power that it has stored in its batteries.

By smartly charging and discharging energy in accordance with the time of use patterns, the Powerwall can take the already great savings from solar energy to a whole new level!

The Best Part

If the time-based control feature sounds a little too complicated for you, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t actually have to track your usage patterns or determine high-cost times to take advantage of it.

The time-based control feature works synergistically with the Powerwall’s energy forecast technology, which does all of the tracking for you. It also provides valuable insight in regards to when you may most benefit from charging and drawing energy from your Powerwall.

All of this can be set up with a few quick taps on the app that can easily be downloaded to your smart devices.

Control Your System From Anywhere

The Tesla app puts the control in your hands, no matter where you are. You can monitor and control your energy usage from states or even countries away!

The app is continuously adding new features and giving Powerwall owners new ways to get the most out of their energy usage.

As it stands right now, the app allows users to do the following:

  • Switch between self-powered (if you have solar panels installed), back-up only, and time-based control at any time.
  • Combine modes by reserving a set amount of power just for back up while simultaneously taking advantage of the time-base control and self-powered
  • Observe how your Powerwall is interacting with the rest of your energy set-up from the power flow screen.

These two draws are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything that the Powerwall has to offer. Interested in learning more? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide! New call-to-action