Virginia Solar Incentives

Virginia is working towards Solar development

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is actually quite simple. Going Solar doesn't take you off of the grid, in fact you're still directly tied into the grid with the same electric provider you are currently using.

If you own your solar system there will be times that your system actually produces more electricity than what you use in your home. When this happens, your electric meter will actually run backwards and provide credits towards the electricity you used from the grid (if any).

What are SRECs?

SRECs are fairly simple as well. Due to federal and state law mandates all electric utilities are required to produce a specific percentage of their power using renewable energy sources.

In order to abide by these rules electric providers must obtain renewable energy certificates (RECs), which serve as proof that they have either produced renewable electricity or paid someone who is producing renewable electricity to "count" that electricity themselves.

All of this means BIG Savings for Virginia Homeowners

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