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Our Mission

We provide reliable solutions that produce clean energy, reduce costs, give back control, and benefit the environment.

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Hassle-Free Process

We have a highly qualified team that will help you through every step. Let us handle all applications and paperwork.


Reduce Energy Costs Using Solar Panels

Save money and help mitigate the impact of climate change. Customers who switch to solar save between 15–30% on their energy bill.


Quality Solar Installation in Maryland

We are a full service installer. Our technical crews have the experience and expertise to ensure you have the best solar installation possible.

Solar Panels in Maryland
Solar Panels in Maryland
Solar Panels in Maryland

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There are many ways to go solar with Lumina. Whether you want to lease or own a solar power system, we have an affordable option that’s right for you.

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We are committed to excellent solar service. Join thousands of customers that have switched to Lumina solar.

* Thousands including Lumina clients while at prior firms or Lumina’s predecessors.

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